We talk liquidity and security tokens with Rob Nance from NYCQ and how tokenized security interest relates to the future of investing in capital and technology. https://www.nycq.vc/                                         

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Kendra Emereum is a Community Builder and Educator for Women in Cryptocurrency. She even started a special Facebook Group to help bring women in the community together to learn and share their knowledge and experience as crypto investors. @ITrecruiterK www.facebook.com/groups/WomenInCryptocurrency/

Chris Flinders the CryptoCurrency Hardware Provider from Protectingcoin.com talks security, malware and wallet storage for cryptocurrency and why its important to set up and use to protect your digital assets.

We discuss blockchain and ethics with Juliet Annerino on her new and pivotal project Reputationcheck.io. She also discusses content and how she became a content contributor as a writer for other blockchain projects. 

Taxing Crypto

It's tax season. Does the IRS know about your cryptocurrency? Our guest Laura Walters, the Crypto Tax Girl goes over some basic but very important tips on how to file cryptocurrency and why its important to include it when you do. www.cryptotaxgirl.com

Karen Scarbrough, a rising and talented Ethereum Developer discusses her experience after just coming back from EthDenver 2018, the largest blockchain hackathon in the USA. She also discusses why its important to be on the look out to learn new protocols and use cases as the technology continues to evolve.

It's the month of LOVE in celebrating Valentine's day so what better way to discuss and share some of the many reasons as to why there is much love with what blockchain can do with and for technology, companies and you.

Check out our next podcast episode Cryptolingo explaining what's the FUD, HODL and FOMO. We also had our first "COIN TOSS" as CryptoRita Angeleen gives a portion of her cryptocurrency Ethereum to a good cause by spinning the digital coin toss wheel Go Red For Women 

Want to learn more cryptolingo? Here is another great reference: CryptoLingo

Cryptocurrency and how it affects your generation, your grandma's and your kids

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