What does ice cream & blockchain have in common? What's coming up in Atlanta during Blockchain week. Brazil loves cypto. Find out why.

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The Royal Coin

Cheerio! Listen as the Ritas talk current events including the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the introduction to the royal coin!

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When in Rome BUIDL

This podcast episode the Ritas interview Brian Burns and Douglas with Giglabs. We discuss Coin Cafe topics like Facebook dedicating a new team to blockchain, Colorado passing a bill advocating blockchain for government data, and more. The founders of Giglabs also talk about their new blockchain game called CryptoRome.


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Rita Marie talks about her experience and takeaways from hosting the Cryptucky Derby event in Atlanta.  The Crypto Derby themed party was attended by Atlanta Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry movers and shakers which included party favorites like Mint Juleps, bbq, big hats and dapper gentlemen live music from Darrius Blue and Nikita Tiffany. 

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Peg Samuel, the Social Diva, joins the Ritas giving some great advice from her expertise on branding oneself. We also talk opportunity for women with Peg while enjoying some laughs discussing different ways to eat your crypto veggies (fresh or from fizzy tablets).

For more information on the Social Divahttp://socialdivamedia.com/

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Polly want a cracker?! Jason D, a Rita CryptoBartender ambassador and his parrot talk about his drink creation the spicy margarita! Also, some great conversations about crypto, blockchain and lots of laughs!

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Check out Rita's drink of the week by Jason D - Spicy Margarita


Gabby Dizon from Alto.io as discusses new technology and his contributions to the gaming industry.

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Gregory, founder and 1 man instructor of Dapp University talks about the open education platform in addition to his mission to teaching others about decentralized applications. 

For more information on Dapp University: dappuniversity.com

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What happens right now when you travel only paying in cryptocurrency? Amélie Arras, crosses borders worldwide like Las Vegas to Singapore helping to demonstrate cryptocurrency but also how to expend it for international and domestic travel through her travel vlog Crypto Travelogue

For more info on Amelie's Crypto Travels: https://www.facebook.com/fintechie/

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Lose weight or lose your crypto? Angeleen with the CryptoRitas takes on a diet coin challenge. She uses her cryptocurrency investment and turns it into a benchmark to lose weight by meeting milestones that Donette and Nicole give her each month so that she can try and keep her investments and shed some weight.


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